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I sit down with CEO and Founder of Reinfluenced, the new way to thrift your clothes.

You very recently founded Reinfluenced – what inspired you to start a sustainable business?

I started Reinfluenced due to my unparalleled love for fashion. It is something which has always intrigued and fascinated me, it gives someone the ability to create a whole personality of someone else they have never met, just from how they are dressed. 

To me  clothes are everything, I could not think of a better way to spend my time than shopping for clothes, morning, noon or night! Oh so simple it has become, endless clothes in every size, apple pay and next day delivery…really got me thinking, how is this even possible / sustainable? 

So, I did some digging, and it did not take long to find out exactly how fashion and shopping had become ‘oh so simple’.  Landfills are piled high with what looks like new clothes, poor third world countries’ labor is being exploited and an outrageous amount of water wasted just to create one top was beyond belief, as well as all the plastic packaging used. I just could not believe what was happening in the world, and was heartbroken when I realised, so I decided I had to make a change, as well as trying to encourage others to do the same. 

It was from here Reinfluenced was born. 

Can you tell us a little more about Reinfluenced?

Reinfluenced is sustainable fashion. For a decade now people have started shopping less in physical stores and moved to the online platform. Days of the catalogue and mannequin models are old news, the here and now are Influencers. Operating largely on Instagram, it is the new place to see fashionable new trends or update your wardrobe just by copying exactly what the Influencers are wearing in their posted pictures.  

These wonderful people who spend their lives catching every moment to share with all their followers, play a big role in deciding where the fashion market entails. Large high end and low end retailers reach out to these influencers for them to promote their clothing to their fan bases. While the market is very competitive, retailers send out so many clothes that often the item is only worn once or twice then never used again. With everything moving online in recent years, it’s no surprise companies are using influencers as a marketing tool. So we’ve created a way for influencers to still support and promote brands they love, as well as being more sustainable. This is where Reinfluenced comes alive. 

Working closely with the influencers, we filter through all these often brand new items of clothing and redistribute them to their and our followers.  Reinfluenced gives those who interact with these influencers the chance to buy the exact clothes worn in the photos. These clothes are no longer wasted, or only worn a handful of times, they are now reused, recycled and Reinfluenced to another fashion lover like me!  What does this mean? That instead of more clothes needing to be made causing the large process it takes to make them, they are reused. Instead of throwing a one time outfit out into the bin, once again reused. Keeping the clothes in circulation and encouraging others to make more sustainable clothing choices. 

80% of millennials already say they are now shopping more sustainably. This number is predicted to grow even more, as searches for sustainable fashion rise 75% year on year. Now is the perfect time to join in with the newest fashion trend – shopping sustainable! 

I couldn’t agree more. I love that this makes it easy sustainably reduce your wardrobe – as you know they are going to someone who wants to wear them! What are your goals for the future?

With time I fully expect the goals of Reinfluenced to change and adapt in accordance with the fashion and sustainable industry.  If we can see a dynamic change in how clothes are made, sold and reused then we will have achieved what was planned from the outset.  However this process does not look like a quick fix. 

So, in the meantime, Reinfluenced intends to grow the already established list of influencers and build on that to engage with and sign up the hottest fashion icons and prospects into 2022. This of course goes hand in hand with the continuing push to grow the brand and captivate and inspire anyone who encounters us! 

I would also like Reinfluenced to attend sustainable fashion events, along with small business events. This will offer a great opportunity for a breath of fresh ideas while hearing from some of the brightest minds in the industry on the subjects of sustainability and fashion. 

As Reinfluenced grows, as will the team who manages it. It is impossible to be everywhere simultaneously, good influencers want and deserve a good team supporting them, which we strive to expand on and to be relied on for. Forbes recently reported that the second hand apparel market is expected to overtake fast fashion in the next decade, and we at Reinfluenced hope to help make this happen. 

Second hand is definitely where its at! So many people by second hand now, I feel people no longer think of second hand clothes as less than new. It is still a journey but I see a shift! Going forward in 2022, what is one of the things you are most looking forward to?

People need fashion and fashion needs people. We want to help so many people purchase items and brands they love in a more sustainable way, this is what  I am looking forward to most. As well as speaking and working with new amazing people every single day. Daunting at times, but a must for an industry such as fashion! 

However, what I am very keen to see is which big names step up first and really make a direct impact to their business model to account for sustainability. I hope big influencers can lead the way on this, and encourage more people to shop sustainable – not just in fashion but to make more eco conscious choices in their everyday life. 

Progress over perfection always! And lastly, where can people find you and Reinfluenced to find out more?

Reinfluenced can be found on most social media platforms, Instagram being the hub where most information is contented and marketed. The website is where the clothes will be listed for the world to see and purchase.

There is also a newsletter soon to be released, usually one every quarter, to keep all the subscribers and followers up to date with key sustainable news and anything worth noting. 




Thank you SO much for taking the time to talk to us today, we cannot wait to see what is in store for Reinfluenced in the future. It’s so great to see brands with sustainability at the heart of what they do.

Hope you enjoyed reading this – I love this idea and really hope you do too.

El x