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AD I’m happy to be working with Aquafresh to talk about #simplesteps we can take to make
our lives a little greener.

Firstly, part of this blog has been part of paid partnership – just wanted to make sure that’s clear and also take the time to thank you for your support when doing ads, I only partner with people, brands
and products I genuinely think are great!

My general motto or question I ask myself when buying products is ‘can I reuse this?’, or
‘can I recycle this?’ ~ really is that simple. So, I tend to look at what I use a lot of, and then
see if I can find a less wasteful, recyclable or reusable option.

Here are my five swaps for a greener life:
– Recyclable packaging
– Safety razor
– Compostable sponges
– Soap bars
– Beeswax wraps (instead of cling film)

These are all things I use super often, so swapping them for something reusable or
recyclable, is a big win for me.

One thing I didn’t realise was how many toothpaste tubes end up in landfill every year… the
answer is 1 billion! Mind-blown. Popping some extra info here if you want to find out more. Here is a break down: The whole Aqua Fresh toothpaste range is switching to 100% recyclable this year – which is
huge. One thing I’ve found difficult to use is toothpaste tablets, and dental care is so
important to me, so it makes me happy that I can now buy recyclable toothpaste. Aquafresh
aim to have all toothpastes 100% fully recyclable in 2022! Woohoo! To recycle the toothpaste packaging, simply place the tube, cap and carton in your household recycling bin – but always check with your local council first. As this can change around the country.

Let me know your favourite sustainable swap in the comments!
Nice to chat, El x