city road restaurant person

A big question – is it possible to travel sustainably?

Well, let’s be honest, there are many different answers to this question however I believe we can tread lightly when we travel, and also support the local businesses to wherever we visit. I love travel, I can’t deny there is something wonderful about visiting somewhere you have never been and chatting to people you never would have normally met. So when I do go places, I like to reduce my impact where I can. Here are some tips to tread lighter the next time you go away

~ take your reusable bottle/cup ready for public transport and to refill when you are there – helps avoid single use plastics!

~ if you can, avoid flights and take trains/boats/buses. If that isn’t possible – try and get a direct flight

~ when you are there, eat at local restaurants and support local businesses to support the economy

~ visit parks and protected areas (with respect of course)

~ if your visiting cities, there are often scooters and bikes to rent which is also way more fun than taking a taxi

~ ask the hotel if it’s possible to not change towels or sheets until your gone

Another one, I recently saw that Booking.Com now shows more sustainable hotel choices. I haven’t used it myself yet but I saw this on @postcardsbyhannah profile so I am excited to see big companies have these things in place now. Exciting times ahead for us sustainable travel folk!

Hope this was helpful, El xx