underwater photography of coral reef

Happy news stories are posted on @ecowithnico and @consciouslyelle Instagram accounts every Monday morning – follow us to keep up to date with all going on in the world! This week: September 20th 2021

Happy story #1

Regeneration at the Great Barrier Reef!

With no tourists around, Australian scuba tour operators planted more than 1,000 pieces of coral at the Great Barrier Reef to help restore the marine ecosystem.

Happy story #2

Power plants on the decline

Since the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, 76% of planned coal power plants have been scrapped, meaning 44 countries will no longer invest in coal plants.

Happy story #3

Waste not want not

A textile maker in London is turning tonnes of pineapple waste from the Philippines into sustainable vegan leather!

Happy story #4

Rewilding on bus shelter tops!

All 479 of Leicester’s bus shelters will be topped with green roofs by 2022. They will create solar-powered roofs, filled with pollinator-friendly wildflowers and sedum plants.

Happy story #5

Waitrose to rid of plastic bags

Waitrose are removing single-use plastic bags and 10p ‘bags for life’ from stores and deliveries from 27th September!

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