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Happy news stories are posted on @ecowithnico and @consciouslyelle Instagram accounts every Monday morning – follow us to keep up to date with all going on in the world! This week: September 13th 2021

Happy story #1

The UK is banning all shark fin products!

Campaigners have happily welcomed the UK’s formal announcement that from next year (2022) it will become the very first European nation to ban the import and export of shark fins and any products containing them, including shark fin soup.

Happy story #2

A company turns shipping containers into swimming pools!

Modpools is repurposing shipping containers as backyard pools across Canada and the US.  Containers, which are used for overseas transportation often go to waste after one trip, discarded in ports and inland depots where they are left to rust and stack up. To date, Modpools has installed 800 pools across North America, saving shipping containers from rusting in the dump.

Happy story #3

A nightclub in Scotland will capture energy from dancers to power the venue!

SWG3 in Glasgow is reportedly the first venue in the world to test the BODYHEAT system. The initiative is being rolled out as part of the UN-backed COP26 climate conference, which begins in the city on 31st October. Dance yourselves into the night!

Happy story #4

Manchester City football club started a trial using edible coffee cups that are made of leak proof wafer so they are fully edible too!

Manchester City now offers edible coffee cups to its fans as part of food and beverage overhaul within the space. This is part of an initiative to lessen their carbon footprint and environmental waste by the football club. Let’s hope this works and can be rolled out further!

Happy story #5

The Norwegian government is taking steps to protect more of the country’s nature than ever before with the creation of 10 new national parks and the expansion of eight more!

There are 47 national parks in Norway and that number will rise to 57 in the next few years with four new national parks created, and a further six landscape conservation areas will be upgraded to national park status. Designed to help protect nature and biodiversity, Norway’s national parks are large areas with distinctive or important ecosystems.

Happy story #6

The world’s largest plant for sucking carbon dioxide from the air and storing it underground has started operating in Iceland!

Orca is capable of drawing 4,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year according to the firm that runs the facility. This may seem small in comparison to what is emitted yearly – this is still a huge step forward!

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