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Happy news stories are posted on @ecowithnico and @consciouslyelle Instagram accounts every Monday morning – follow us to keep up to date with all going on in the world! This week: September 6th 2021

Happy story #1

A Boston hospital has built an organic farm on its roof that provides 6000 tonnes of veggies every year for patients and staff!

The farm, which started its journey in 2017, grows over 25 crop varieties and makes honey from two beehives. It relies on one full-time farmer, one part-time assistant, a beekeeper and hospital volunteers to help run the farm.

In its first season, the farm grew more than 5200 pounds of produce, which is quite something for something created on a rooftop.

Happy story #2

The Republic of Ireland has announced equal pay for men’s and women’s senior football teams – and is happening with immediate effect!

More and more countries are pledging to give their female footballers the wages they deserve. The Republic of Ireland became the latest footballing association to implement equal pay for its men’s and women’s senior national sides. Woohoo! This is a huge step forward for equal pay in the sport.

Happy story #3

Charlotte Tilbury has officially gone cruelty free! The popular make up brand has sustained its commitment to fighting against animal testing.

The global cosmetics brand is officially leaping bunny approved by Cruelty Free International. In order to gain approval from CFI, the beauty brand has to demonstrate that every single part of the global product development, supply chain, and distribution complies with the stringent Leaping Bunny criteria. A huge step in the right direction! 

Happy story #4

An earthquake resistant school has been built in Indonesia from recycled plastic bottles. It was built with plastic bottles. It was built in less than a week and is thought to last more than 100 years.

The blocks are designed to avoid causing injuries in an earthquake. Due to their elasticity, they are less likely to crumble or cave in.

Full story here

Happy story #5

Australia will give its Paralympic athletes the same financial rewards for winning medals as their Olympic counterparts.

Australia’s Paralympians will receive the same cash bonus as their able-bodied counterparts after the federal government committed to providing financial support. A positive move in the right direction that joins other nations which are doing the same. Woohoo!

We will be back next Monday for your next dose of happy news – we hope to see you then! Elle and Nico x