back view of a woman walking on a log in the forest

If you are a nature lover like me, you won’t find it hard to argue that nature is good for the soul. And now there is a growing number of studies showing that nature REALLY IS good for our health and happiness.

A study conducted by the University of Derby and The Wildlife Trusts showed “scientifically significant increase in people’s health, happiness, connection to nature and active nature behaviours”. With results lasting long after the study had officially finished. Truly amazing stuff eh?

Prior to this, there is already evidence showing that exposure to nature can reduce hypertension and cardiovascular illnesses; improve vitality and mood; and help with mental wellbeing.

In all honesty, I am biased when it comes to chatting about nature. I truly believe the effects of nature on us are quite amazing. I certainly on my lower days have been cheered up by a bit of gardening or a walk in the park. That said, there is obviously a need and place for modern day medicines – I just really enjoy my daily walk.

Beyond the research that shows the health benefits of spending time in nature, feeling a part of nature has been shown to “significantly correlate with life satisfaction, vitality, meaningfulness, happiness, mindfulness, and lower cognitive anxiety.” For me, this hits utterly true. Let me know if you agree in the comments.

So, if you were waiting for a sign… this is IT! Go out and enjoy 10 minutes for yourself in nature… thank me later.

El x