van parked beside the road near handrail and ocean

So if you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that we recently bought our dream little camper van… and old Ford Transit with a pimped out interior. I AM IN LOVE!

When we invested in our little dream home on wheels for weekend adventures, we decided that when we were decorating we wanted to make it as sustainable as possible. So we decided the best way to do this would be to create a list of essential items we would need for our first trip and then try and find these secondhand. We managed to find *nearly* everything secondhand!

As other van life folk will know, most of the time vans will need a custom size bed. This was probably the trickiest thing to find, however we came up with an idea that if we could find a double foam top mattress, we could actually cut it to size (a good way to also save a little bit of money as custom sizes tend to be a little more expensive). We had a look through Facebook Marketplace for sales within 10 miles and one popped up 2 miles from us! We picked it up the same day, VERY ROUGHLY cut it so size with a stanley knife and then kept the edging for a long pillow/back rest. I do believe most things can be found secondhand, I guess we were just lucky this happened to be so close to us.

The next thing we wanted to make sure was food wise we would try and avoid single use plastics, and anything we did buy (whether tins or cartons) we would save for recycling… this isn’t super easy on the road, but it is always worth it. I can’t bear to put something in a trash bin that’s heading for landfill when I know if we wait a day or two it can be recycled properly. So we got some boxed oats, tinned foods and we use those for trips. It isn’t always easy but it is always worth it – it is more preparation than anything else. I will do a blog post soon on easy eco van meals.

If you have any van life eco tips, please drop them in the comments!

El x