crop male crushing plastic water bottle in park

OKAY YOU GOT ME, click bait headline but hear me out…

Plastic Free July is a great initiative that encourages people all over to reduce their plastic usage. HOORAH for less plastic! However, due to the fact plastic is hidden in so many objects its hard to completely eradicate plastic from your life. It is in our clothes, our receipts, our teabags, our clothes, our body wash and so on. It really is hard to avoid. My advice? Try and make small changes and not get too caught up if you cannot live completely plastic free, because in all honesty – a lot of us can’t!

So this Plastic Free July, my main aim is to reduce my single use plastics, and choose loose veg over packaged. I leave my reusable bags by the front door or in my car ready for a food shop, and make sure I always have my reusable water bottle and coffee cup with me. These are long term changes that I want to last a life time. I want to create habits that work with my lifestyle and are sustainable for me, and I encourage you to do the same. And as I always say – progress over perfection.

If you change ONE thing this month, for example swapping your deodorant to a plastic free kind, you have done something amazing. Once this is habit, try something new, like a bar of soap instead of bottled liquid soap.

Over time, once you have nailed that, you can layer more habits that help with your plastic free and sustainable lifestyle. These things take time, so enjoy the journey.

El x