As someone who is fond of travelling and experiencing interesting places around world, I have always wondered about carbon offsetting and how much a contribution can help when I jump on a flight. I have family that live overseas and so I am fairly regularly on planes to visit them. Carbon offsetting goes further than planes and travel but for me, this is where I could potentially make a big difference.

I had a chat with Toby who heads up My Carbon UK, a new start up that wants to help people offset their carbon in a bid to become carbon neutral.

You can:

  • Calculate your average monthly carbon footprint.
  • Receive personalised advice on how to reduce your environmental impact.
  • Pay monthly to offset it and become carbon neutral.

It is important that we understand how big our carbon footprint is. The average UK individual emits approximately 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent into the atmosphere per year… that’s the mass of a London bus or 30 million balloons. We have developed a simple-to-use carbon calculator that can analyse your major sources of emissions with a quick questionnaire and provide you with an accurate carbon footprint.

By making some simple changes to your lifestyle; it is possible to significantly reduce your carbon footprint. This could involve eating less meat, riding a bike to work or purchasing LED bulbs for your home. Most of these simple changes can actually save you money! Our calculator will provide you with a carbon dioxide emissions report with personalized advice on how to improve your carbon footprints.

Now that you have taken steps to calculate and reduce your carbon footprint there is still a small step to go. Carbon offsetting is a process governed by international standards (ISO 14064) and is the only way, other than not emitting greenhouse gases, to become carbon neutral. Through retiring carbon credits we are effectively funding projects that are taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

I think this a great start for us folk who strive to become carbon neutral in 21st century world. I really enjoy the realistic approach.

Thanks for chatting with me Toby – and good luck with business!