Cold water swimming every day for 1000 days… would you?

Sometimes you meet people in life who inspire you to not only do better, but also be better in every walk of life. Today was one of those times.


To raise money for the truffle bar business Josh has pledged to cold water swim (or dip!) every day for 1000 days. As you can imagine this takes a huge amount of self-discipline, especially since the past few days in Swansea have been so cold it has taken 15 minutes just to defrost the car. Even the sand is frosty walking down to the sea, but this hasn’t stopped him.

Anyone who wants to join is welcomed with open arms.  As well as raising money and publicity, the aim is to build a community and promote mental and physical well-being. Details of the dip are provided on their social media daily. Josh keeps himself accountable by videoing every dip and posting for the world to see.

I have decided to join in on their first-year anniversary on Saturday 8th February. Video and narration to be posted shortly because proof is needed – how else will anyone believe I have done it!? This is something completely out of my comfort zone, but I believe it is being out of your comfort zone that enables you to grow. I feel passionately about community and well-being, I know first-hand how having good people around you can change your life and health both mentally and physically.

Before the dip I decided to research cold-water immersion in a bid to mentally prepare myself. There are many benefits to cold-water swimming: studies show that immersing yourself in cold water can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety[1], reduces stress, boosts your metabolism, improves circulation and promotes the feel good factor[2].

“We believe the greatest and most sustainable way to ‘Do Summit Good’ is through community. Getting people together to create positive change – within themselves or within society. We believe when communities ‘Do Summit Good’ together it creates a heightened sense of ownership, energy and closeness.” Josh Pike.

Check them out on Instagram @summitgood

[1] https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-45487187

[2] https://www.iprshealth.com/news/8-benefits-of-cold-water-swimming/